IHE Open Day Seminar Wednesday 21 April 2010

Australian Health IT vendors gathered in Canberra to develop and test their capacity to securely message key healthcare information at the 3rd IHE Australia Connectathon. During the event some 45 participants from industry, government and GP Divisions visited the Connectathon The objective of the seminar was to provide participants with an introduction to IHE Australia activities and an overview of developments in secure messaging.

Speakers were:
Vincent McCauley – Chair, IHE Australia
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Bernie Crowe – IHE Australia, SMD Connectathon Manager

Jon Hilton – IHE Australia, HISA Board

John McMillan NEHTA Manager Secure Messaging and Andy Berry – Specifications

Jane Gilbert -Director, Operations and Strategy at Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory (AHML)
Janine Bevan – Director Clinical Communications, Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)

Jon Hilton, HISA Board member and leader of the IHE Australia Patient Care Working Group, presented on the development of the Patient Centered Coordination Plan (PCCP) Profile to support Care Coordination and Planning across different healthcare organisations and information systems. This profile, based on the IHE Cross Enterprise Document Share (XDS) platform, supports the development of care teams, exchange of care plans, patient progress reports and tracking of key tasks and outcomes. Australia is an international leader in care planning, so it is not surprising that we are leaders in the systems used to support care management.


The IHE Australia Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Connectathon was conducted from 19-23 April 2010 in Canberra. A total of 13 Vendors participated with a focus on achieving interconnectivity using the web service messaging profile according to the new Standards Australia Technical Specification for E-Health Secure Message Delivery. (ATS 5822:2010 – eHealth Secure Message Delivery published 5 March 2010).

For further information, contact Vincent McCauley at vincem@mccauleysoftware.com or admin@ihe.net.au.
Phone: +61 2 9818 6493.