2nd Tele-Conference 25th March 2009

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1. Update on IHE activities - IHE Australia
2. Update on Industry and sponsors
3. Planning for 2009 IHE Australia events (Connectathon, Showcase)

Health communication requires the linking together of many standard components to create a fully interoperable “end to end” set of solutions. The IHE Connectathaon is an opportunity for the health IT industry to demonstrate conformance with health interoperability profiles or packages.

The selection of profiles for testing and demonstration is subject to vendor and community interest. Priorities identified by the IHE.au and its sponsors MSIA, HISA, HL7 (Aust) and RANZCR are:

1. Radiology Profiles

  • Portable Data for Imaging – delivery of images in standard DICOM format on CD media (and new media types for 2009 – USB and DVD)
  • Radiology Schedule Workflow - integration of RIS, PACS and Modalities within the DI department..

2. Australian messaging profiles

AS4700.2 (Pathology and Radiology Reports)

Additional profiles are under consideration for e-referrals based on the AS4700.6 (Ref) message and the AS4700.4 (prescription message)

3. IHE Patient Demographic Query (PDQ) and Identifier Exchange (PIX)

There are two standards for querying a demographic service. One based on HL7 Version 2.x ADT messages, and one based on HL7 version 3 XML using webservices. This profile could be potentially used to access both regional shared health records and messaging using the IHE XDS profile as well as the national Unique Patient Identifier services (if NEHTA agrees to support this standard profile)

4. IHE Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)

IHE XDS is an international profile to support health record and document exchange using both point to point as well as archive and access models. This profile has been demonstrated at the last two showcases and has demonstrated transformation from standard HL7 version 2 messages to HL7 CDA documents with a document management and exchange service.
There are a rang e of other IHE profiles which may be available for testing http://www.ihe.net/profiles/index.cfm. These include profiles to connect patient care devices to the EHR.

Expressions of interest are being sought from the IHE Australia community to participate in the organisation of the 2009 events and for vendors interested in participation.

For more information contact Klaus Veil on 0412 746 457 (Klaus@Veil.net.au) or Peter MacIsaac on 0411 403 462... (peter@macisaacinformatics.org)