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Who is IHE Australia?

IHE Australia is an open not-for-profit initiative that supports the interoperability needs of the e-Health community in Australia. IHE Australia is the official local deployment group of IHE International. IHE International is endorsed by over 600 professional and Standards organisations, healthcare providers and vendors world-wide. IHE Australia has local responsibility for the promotion and education of the IHE approach, the evaluation, localisation and creation of Integration Specifications ("Profiles") and the running of local conformance testing events ("Connectathons") and demonstrations ("Showcases") according to the IHE International guidelines, ISO 28380 TR and guided by Australian needs and context.

IHE derives its Profiles from existing global and local standards, and supports but is not a Standards Development Organisation.

IHE Australia has run Showcases as part of HIC conferences since 2006. IHE Australia Showcases are public real time demonstrations where vendors show how their products that were previously tested at an IHE Connectathon are able to integrate and interoperate in clinical scenarios using members of the audience as "patients" watching their health information follow them through common health journeys.

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This wiki is the working space of IHE in Australia. For general information see our main website: www.ihe.net.au List of current and past IHE Australia events