4th Tele-Conference 22nd April 2009

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1. Update on IHE activities - IHE Australia Mission
2. Update on sponsorship and Pre-registration
3. Planning for 2009 IHE Connectathon & Showcase

Present: Mat, Irene (Kestral, part), Ian Bull (ACT), Jane (part, alarm), Steve (Capriani), Klaus
Apologies: Vince, Peter, Guo Wei (MindRay), Jane (AHML)

Klaus outlined the IHE Australia Mission and how it guides the approach and processes of the IHE Connectathons in Australia. We have the option of utilising global IHE Profiles, localising global IHE Profiles to suit Australian needs and to create Australian IHE Profiles as required. All IHE Profiles are based on global or local standards developed by approved Standards Development Organisations (SDOs).

The selection of Profiles for testing and demonstration is determined by vendor and community interest. Profiles and vendors/supporters identified so far were updated on the 2009 Connectathon page.

The next Tele-conference is on Wednesday, 6 May 2009 at 8:30 (Sydney time)