Board Meeting: Date: 6th March

Time: 08:30 Venue/mode TC - sponsored by the MSIA

1. Open - 8:30am
2. Attendance and apologies
Max Walker, Klaus Veil, Vince McCauley, Peter MacIsaac, Jane Gilbert, Brendan Lovelock
Apologies: Chris Lindop

3. Minutes of previous meeting - accepted.

4. Actions from previous meeting - circulated with ammendments received and included.
4.1 - invitation to NEHTA, Standards Australia and CCeH - drafted with Vince for approval, CCe contacted informally
4.2 - report on 2008 - draft input by Peter and Klaus almost finalised and ready to go to Brendan - Vince McCauley to action the completion of this by next wednesday and report recommendation back to the Board at next meeting..
4.3 - IHE communication to industry and teleconference - held 4th March (Klaus Veil)
4.4 - Update on HIMSS AP and IHE Asia Pactific (Lindop) - Klaus has spoken with the HL7 NZ Board, George gave an update on IHE Australia at HIMSS AP. IHE International is keen to get Malaysia into the IHE fold - they may need support from Australia on processes.

5 Chair update - provided on current consultations

6 Secretary update
- email contact with ADIA - agreed to followup

7. Board Member update
Klaus Veil - has spoken to 2008 vendors, most expressed interest in 2009 IHE events, but stated the wished no change in fees from last year and hoped to steamline the process. Agfa not able to be Sponsor in 2009.

8.. Business items
8.1 Funding issues for IHE.
a) The potential for DoHA engagement will be difficult due to potential staffing changes. Received call from Chris Mount expecting a submission.(e-prescribing and e-referral)
NEHTA preliminary meeting with Paul Williams and Peter Flemming. Forthcoming meeting with David Mansfileld (conformance initiative) and Tina re a forthcoming government initiative re potential involvement about IHE and AHML. We need to be clear about lines of communication. It is important that everyone makes it clear to NEHTA about what hat we are wearing. If an IHE discussion does occur then we should contact Vince prefereably in advance. It is unclear what the NEHTA approach to IHE will be. There are high expectations that jurisdictions will be able to engage with NEHTA trial of Medicare webservices portal. The portal is for human web access, discussion on programtic access

b) States - not a priority in Victoria due to recent bushfires and current econoimic climate. Likely to be the same with other states. E-referral is at the top of recent discussions with industry. Max reported on e-referral and may be able to engage in doing something on this for the 2009 events. 2nd SOA in healthcare conference coming up soon. Qld Health (David Mitchell) may be able to support to the tune of $3k as per last year.

? run a SOA forum as an educational event at the Connectathon.

Other jurisdiciton interests: NT e-prescribing, ? focus on ordering via profile,

c) Discussion about role of CCeH, consideration of how IHE webservices match with NEHTA strategy. Current limited to v2. Peter to liaise with Jane re team to look at the webservices taskgroup.

Industry sources: is in a holding pattern at present due to current economic market, probably less of an issue in the medical vertical, however the future uncertain, advertising and promotional budgets are under the hammer. We may be struggling to get significant industry support. Unlikely to get leadership level sponsorship, build on what was done last year. Vendors have expressed interest in medication management v2.

8.2 IHE pharmacy working group - draft paper - circulate to the list and IT14-6-4
8.3 ISO draft technical framework on IHE XDS.- important to push and influence NEHTA. ? push out on IHE list,
8.3 Memorandum of Establishment - for approval by each organsatoon by next week
8.5 Radiology industry update - ? establishment of a working group to progress. - hold over till next meeting

9 Other Business
10 Date of Next Meeting - meet weekly for the next few weeks on Connectathon alternating with a management meeting.
11. Close 09:40