Teleconference - 14th August
Present: VM, KV, PM, CL, NB, MW, JG
1. Report on 2009
Additional participants including NEHTA.
DCA creating referrals and accessing service directory
Argus and MO – Message
MO – Referral creation
Ocean – HL7 to CDA as a source for XDS
Kestral – receiving orders and sending reports
GE –receiving referrals and sending reports
Radlogic –
Best Practice and Genie – GP desktop
NEHTA – ID service

4 Scenarios - short presentations during the breaks and longer ones during session times. One request for an indepth show for DoHA plus.

CL: concern about the management of non-standard components.
Exposure to XDS, use of CDA, referral profile - using IHE CDA documents.
Feedback of Australian E-referral to IHE

Need to be clear about distinguishing the different status of the methods. 50% of showcase is based on standards.
Need to educate where we want to take industry

2. IHE International Board Meeting
First board meeting that Australia has attended. Planned face to face at RSNA – Sept 2nd in Chicago. No support for a face to face associated with HL7. RACS was accepted as a member. First provider organisation outside of radiology. 17 new members approved.
Issues: incorporation, insurance, patent issues
Action: Peter to followup with RAC

3. Letters of engagement
subject to email by Max and Peter, letters of engagement will go out this morning

IHE Board TC - Friday Aug 7th

Present: JH, MW, KV, AH, PM, JG, MW

1. Update on Connectathon


Challenge before the board is to set the bar appropriately.

Additional players Sun, Smart Health Challenge to develop a reasonable story line in face of unclear position re roles.

Need to profile those who have done the testing. Vince will be exploring with additional players, however agreed that this will be done judiciously with regard to pre-qualification and consultation with other participating vendors.

Education component: quick run thru during the breaks and detailed overviews of profiles in the education sessions. Potential topics: IHE 101, Prime focus at resent is on e-referral – IHE focus tend to be market driven. CL noted that the longitudinal record is stated to be due by 2012. Direction is needed – NEHTA is looking to create a media focus and political approvals.

Potential issue: how to move CDA, sharing of documents, care coordination .

Referral repositories, multiple with national indexing service. AH to catch up with Klaus re educational event for NEHTA team.

Budget. Klaus reported on an overall budget overview. HISA have generously donated the conference floor space. Accountability for management fees will be via a timesheet, this should be linked to a more detailed management plan. Small surplus is the current budget projection. Klaus noted that some of the budget items are for specific deliverables in the DoHA contract.

PIP secure messaging - funding for the NEHTA/Industry working group has been included in this funding agreement with DoHA. In future NEHTA could be coming into the Connectathon with a reference environment. Different options exist, however the idea is worth progressing.

Medical Objects issues: Individuals from Medical Objects have expressed concerns about failures to communicate - the email system does not appear to be working correctly. IHE did not follow thru on an email from the m about willingness to to participate. They are being included in the showcase. IHE has apologised and a catch up session has been offer. There is the issue of inappropriate claims and criticisms of the IHE process on the part of MO. Discussions with MO have sorted out these issues. Klaus will follow-up on email list

Discussion re communication and website and list management to occur at a future board meeting. Jon H. will check up on the infrastructure.

IHE Board Meeting - 17th July

Present: VM, KV, PM, BL, JG, MW, CL, NB

Apologies: nil

Connectathon report:

10 definites and 1-2 maybes including intel and Sun

1. PDI appears to be light on for crtical mass
2. E-referral - missing referral creators, e-results have critical mass

Letter from Commonwelath endorsing July Connectathon as participatory event for the PIP program. DoHA have indicated an interest in entering into an advance contract for 2010.

Klaus report:

Site visit at NICTA Sydney was undertaken today; the venue is very suitable and a board room for the Clinicians Round Table and other briefings is available. Internet and catering is in place. Update on the confirmed July Connectathon participants and supporters: Participants: GE, Orion Health, DCA, Comrad NZ, Initiate Systems, Radlogix, iDataMap, Kestral, McCauley Software, Ocean Informatics, Sun(?), Intel(?) Supporters: Sonic Healthcare, Caprini, DoHA, ACT Health, DHS Victoria, Qld Health Invoicing has commenced. Clinicians Roundtable: 9 registrations (Board members, please register here: ). Date confirmed to be Wed 29th.

Showcase: discussions occuring with HISA - $44K quotation, Klaus attempting to reduce costs with estimated minimum $35k, for 8 pods and $1000 additional per pod. HISA rate 25% of full rate. IHE Showcase: Initial quote from HISA received, need to clarify what is covered by 3-year DoHA contract. 6 particpants interested in the showcase (?more) Strategy is to confirm the connectathon first - estimates a possible extra 2. Possibly looking at approximately $8K short fall. There are significant benefits to having the IHE event which has to be factored.

Budget: Vince and Klaus are still working on it. Looking like break even for connectathon, loss for showcase, and positive for the remainder of 2009.

PIP connectathon: to be delayed until early next year. No major impact financially.

Finances from 2008: Vince has recommended to HISA regarding the dispursement of funds with surplus from prior years to be placed towards payments for that event. Kaus and Peter to be requested to agree on the proporation of availaible payout. (Nick Bradshaw, Brendan Lovelock) (PM and KV abstain)

Membership requirements: Following discussions with IHE international: Active members of IHE Australia, need to be members of IHE international. Any member involved in development, roadmap discussions and testing needs to sign an IP agreement to prevent the vendors IP. Non active members in IHE Australia could potentially join as associate members.

Policy: Two levels of membships for IHE Australia - via IHE international for full members, Organisations and individuals wish to particpate in IHE educational and support activities, who do not wish to become members of IHE international, may do so as "associate members".

New Members: Board approves the acceptance of HIMMA and ADIA as IHE Australia members. RACS to be accepted as an associate member, pending their IHE international approval, when they will be automatically upgraded to full membership.

Visit of Chris Lindop:

Arrival: Wed 22nd - Sydney to August 1st. Lunch in Sydney on Friday.
Potential to do some promotion at the RADAIM conference.

Meeting close: 0935

IHE Board Meeting - 10th July

Present: VM, KV, PM, JH, CL, AH, JG
Apologies: MW,

Welcome to Andrew Howard to the IHE board representing NEHTA.


1. Report on Connectathon

Venue in Sydney, overview of paticpation, still short of critcial mass for some of the profiles.

Referral profile development: Jane G and VM met with NEHTA (completed an environmental scan), NEHTA working primarily on discharge summaries, survey of vendor capability underway with intention of paticipation to demonstrate their capacity.. Update on taskforce, meeting to agree on a minimum dataset and followup harmonisation with NEHTA. Chris L. raised the point that IHE has a profile for doing dischrge and referrals. Need to do the analysis of overlaps and gaps between IHE profile and Australian requirements.VM response: Australia is now yet up to using CDA currently and focusing on HL7 v2 mesaages, the IHE profiles are being used as a guide with long term intention. Australia genrally lacks the XDS capability at present, however a number of vendors have capacity to transform the content from V2 to CDA.

2. IHE and NEHTA.

Relationship with NEHTA is positivie, (discharge summary/referrals/compliance). Growing alignment. NEHTA seems to better understand IHE capacity to work with NEHTA plans. Spirit of cooperation, Andrew Howard appointed to represent NEHTA at IHE board, confirmed Vince's assessment.

3. Membership

ADIA and HIMAA. - written expressions of interest. Peter to followup with IHE re ADIA.

Discussio about normal process. chris Lindop advised that organisations should become members of IHE. KV advised that the process has been somewhat tortuous and we should have an alternative path.
VM feels that standard applicatiojn for local membership wil not be so difficult. KV, PM and CL to come back to the board with.

4. Project Plan and budget

Budget managemetn subgroup has progressed the developemnt of budget and expects to have this ready by the next meeting. Gneral positiion is positive due to support from DoHA. HISA are working on a proposal and quotation for showcase Need firm quotations from AHML.

5. Showcase

6 organisations (14 poids), will not fill 14 this year, target is 10. Principle that showcase is only open to connectathon particpants, Concern about situation where a company who had not done the connectathon process which happended in 2008. Reduced budget for vendors impacting on the showcase - need for flexibility considering the above concerns.

May need to focus the showcase on profiles rather than end to end care process.

IHE Connectathon meeting - 3rd July.
Attendees: John Hilton, Klaus Veil, Heather Grain, Max Walker, PMacIsaac, Jane Gilbert
Apologies: Vince McCauley

Klaus reported on progress:
This URL lists the progress:
Supporters/observer - access pass/ passive participation / dont bring gear.
More buy in from this group.
Expect to fill 10-12 showcase slots
Tracking ok as compared with last year.
Klaus to produce a consolidated view of particpants.
Venue: Sydney - NICTA (Brisbane may be an outside chance)
Profile development: working with MSIA/NEHTA group - started development, e-referral taskforce set up. Kickoff TC this week. Meeting with NEHTA to update.
Considering a fact finding extercise.
Project plan sent out last friday - KV is revising this. For discussion next week.
Budget: need a cash flow projection for HL7 and IHE board. Agreed that this would be useful to support approval of expenditure. Klaus indicated that only financial commitments is for recovery of expenses, development of profiles.

Other business: Clinicians Roundtable for radiology: no response as yet.
Meeting closed at 0905

Board Teleconference - 19th June 2009

Board meeting opened 0835

VM, KV, JH, JGilb, Max, PM, Michael (part)


1. Consideration of options to progress with DoHA contract:

HISA has raised the issue that it is not able to endorse a contract which binds HISA (as the legal entity for IHE Australia) without control of the funds through a HISA account.

Agreed that contract could be signed with deletion of reference to IHE in the signature block "on behalf of IHE".
passed with unanimous support of MSIA, HISA, RANZCR reps with HL7 abstaining due to potential conflict of interest.

2. Connectathon particpants

Increased interest with clarification of situation. Klaus to redraft plan and budget to be approved by the board along with particpant fees.

3. Development of content

Content development is critical for the PIP Secure Messaging Connectathon in late 2009. It is intended that an e-Referral messaging Profile be created additional to the existing e-Results Profile. The board agreed in principle that AHML be engaged by IHE Australia to develop a profile for e-referral along similar lines to that developed for e-results in 2008 and that negotiations commence.

4. Date of next meeting

Monday 22nd June at 2pm

5. NEHTA representation: Andrew Howard has been formally nominated by NEHTA.

Board meeting closed 0935

Committee Teleconference - 12 June 2009

Present: VM, NB, JH, KV, MW, MH, PM, JGilb, Chris Lindop


1. Update on connectathon:
Funding agreement negotiated with DoHA. DOHA have requested that HL7 be the fund holder.

Plan for 2 Connnectathons and Showcase
Domains - PDI (Matt Hudson - coordinator), HL7 resutls (?orders) (Jane Gilbert) XDS - (Mark Angove)

It is intended that particpation in the Oct connectathon focusing on PIP messaging will require prior passing of HL7 results profile.

Date Connectathon July 28th-31st

Access to the Showcase will be based on successful particpation in 2008 or 2009
Australain connectathons or international IHE connectathons.

Klaus reports that we are "close to a critical mass" with regard to interest from potential particpants

The Board has invited Chris Lindop to consider particpation in the two connectathons as the IHE international monitor. Chris indicated that he would be likely to accept.

2. NEHTA - has agreed to take up offer of observer status on the board and have nominated Andrew Wilson (CIO Victoria). The board approved his invitation to attend each meeting.

Action: Peter to draft a NEHTA, Vince to contact Andrew Wilson.

3. IHE update

Preparations underway for the Jan 2010 Connectathon.
Update on changes to PDI (new Media, guidance on compression)

Action: Jane Gilbert to join/monitor the tooling committee
Mat Hudson/Peter MacIsaac to join/monitor the radiology TC
Vince McCauley/Mark Angove to join/monitor the Infrastructure (XDS) TC

Discussion on whether XDR (reliable messaging) could be considered for use in Australia, XDR is very similar to XDS however assumes the document will be sent to a repository integrated with the receiving system. Still requires the XDS infrastructure.

Committee meeting: 5th June 2009 by Teleconference.
Present. VM (Chair) KV, PM, JH.

Contractual arrangements with DoHA for development of PIP related connectathon, with support for infrastructure to support 2009 Connectathon/showcase.
$50k before 30th June.
$250K for remainder of 2010.
Focus for July event PDI, XDS, results profile, development of referral profile and testing.

Update on Wed meeting provided by Klaus: new company DCA Australia - prominent with DHS Victoria.
Update on M. Sandow proposal -
Vendors input: what is in it for us? Vince suggested that one or two products targeted to that niche to take the lead.
Peter and Klaus to look in more detail, however best that probably can be achieved is an industry meeting at the Connectathon with followup meeting at HISA with view to
Agreed we need to focus on resources and vendor engagement.

Connectathon logistics:
Venue: NICTA is being approached for a venue in Canberra.
PDI-Mat Hudson
HL7 - Jane G.
XDS - ? Mark Angove (not clear if we have a critical mass)

Showcase: Joan to contact Klaus.
Other Business:
Peter to chase up the international board contacts.
Open IHE teleconference account.

Date of next meeting: wednesday meeting for connectathon and then next friday.

3rd April Teleconference IHE Board

Present: VM, PM, KV, JH, Mat Hudson (MH)


1. no response from NEHTA, Peter to resend invitations via Tina

2. AHML have developed a web service for submission of HL7 messages

3. Discussion about focusing on web service delivery - linked with the discussons happening at MSIA-DOHA discussions.

4. Discussion about the budget - and approach to

5. Klaus and Vince to polish up the draft application to DoHA for funding support.

6. International liaison - Chair to represent IHE at the internatonal board, Klaus to handle regional liaison.

7. ADIA has signed the paperwork to become a sponsor of IHE Australia. Peter to followup

8 HIMAA has joined IHE international and as such is a member of IHE Australia.

9 Activities - NICTA facility in Canbera - a definite maybe and supportive in principle (may need to budget for accomodation for the event). Need to talk to NICTA re IPV6

10. Other options: Pilots of new internet addressing (IPV6) profile at the connectathon. There is an IPV 4 to 6 tunnel or adaptor.

11. Could we do the Connectathon and Showcase back to back.

12. Peter to followup with ADF showcase project to see what synergies exist.

Meeting closed at 0840

27th March Teleconference Board/Connectathon-Showcase meeting

Present: KV, BL, Heather Grain, JH, VM, BL

Apologies: nil

Connectathon Planning:

International Group

External Bodies
Welcome to Heather Grain
Followup NETHA invitation with Tina.

Memorandum of Association
Peter to check status of document and email to each of the sponsors.

Regional issues:
NZ - David Hay has joined last weeks conference. Some other interest. Malaysia ran a "connectathon" and showcase in Feb. and other contacts. Singapore has indicated interest in having observer status..

20th March: Teleconference Board Meeting:

Present: David Hay, Klaus Veil, Vince McCauley, Peter MacIsaac, Jane Grimm (part)


1. Discussions with DoHA about moving to adopt a webservcies component of the IHE au messaging profile developed last year. Some significant interest.

2. e-Referrals - NEHTA are about to release a generally unsatisfactory CDA referral document developed Andrew Wilson (CIO Vic) supportive of doing something like we did last year. NZ has an RFP for a referral system in Auckland based on V2 messaging, favour the idea of a hub. Preference for XDS Need to complete in next 2 months (response from DoHA and NEHTA needed in the next 3 weeks)

3. Patient identifiers - legislation to be delayed until 2010. Medicare are building a system, testing could be availabe for the Connectaton, at present they are building a proprietary web interface - pressure being put on Medicare to adopt Standards based approach (PIX PDQ).
If this gets up it will be an incremental direction to support XDS.

4. Budget for Connectathon - Klaus to provide a report and he and Peter will expedite ASAP. Agree 5 serious amount is needed to make this work.

5. Correspondence: letters to SA, NEHTA, AHML, IHE.

6. Need to finalise the Memorandum of Establishement - ASAP

7. "IHE Golden Tick": IHE international has promotion of vendor achievements - enabler for company to publish their own integration status for specific products, opportunity to go to showcases. (???). Proposal online registry to find the conformance statements. Three levels of status: IHE member, IHE connectathon success, IHE implementation - need to reflect maturity and engagment level.

Klaus expressed a view that vendors need something tangible to give a product advantage. IHE in Australiais still in early stages of implementation and not well known. Something like a certificate/logo of recognition of testing participation/achievement - fine line between testing of interoperablity and "certification".

David Hay - similar issues - work needed to get this before the purchasers. Educatative process. Sharing information within health boards, and intra-enterprise.

8. Medical Devices (Todd Cooper/Klaus Veil) - need to schedule a session with Engineers Australia, and others. Klaus has created links to the bio-medical engineering community (whose response was interest but ? potential for engagement). Need a message from IHE Au to those community - advise personal contact. Issues there are international market for devices and benefits of integration standards, get data in a consistent format from devices into flowsheets and EHR, medical equirement management (status, version control), medical alarm management and distribution of this informaiton into other information systems, Clinical Engineering - IT collaboration with health IT.

Profiles: Device to Enterprise communitation profile, Alarm Communication, Rosetta terminology mapping

Convene a leadership meeting to see if local BMEs want to engage. We need them to lead. Several key individuals. Noting that they are somewhat isolated.

NZ: Interest in this area, interest in patient interaction with their record.Koreans are very interested (Connectathon at HIMSS in 2010)

Resolution: restablish communication with individuals, set up a meeting (for listening to them). No need to do a presentation as many of these. 31st March suggested as tentative date for TC - Klaus and Todd to liaise on this.