Connecting to the PC-EHR & Health Information Exchanges –
healthcare services and IT vendors.
Workshops 18-22 July 2011


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Speakers and session participants included:

Kate Berry, Director US National eHealth Collaborative, an organisation funded by the US Office of National Coordinator (ONC) to support uptake of Health Information Exchange.

Ted Kremer - Executive Officer, Rochester Regional Healthcare Information Organisation.

Tim Elwell - Director of the US Open Source MysistProject (part of Open Health Tooling)

Chris Lindop, IHE International liaison for Australia, co-chair IHE radiology, Interoperability Architect GE Healthcare

Vince McCauley; Chair IHE Australia, Executive member MSIA,

Trish Williams, Sn Lecturer, Health Information Security, Edith Cowan University.

Grahame Grieve, Health care communication consultant, Co-chair HL7, Health Intersections Pty Ltd.

Michael Czapski - Healthcare solutions architect, Oracle.

Peter MacIsaac - IHE Australia, eHealth Consultant HP Enterprise Services.

Bernie Crowe - IHE Australia Events Manager; Bernard Crowe and Associat

The support of TELSTRA is greatly appreciated in helping connect our vendors for the testing sessions.