Joining IHE and IHE Australia

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) International is an organization that enables users and developers of information technology for healthcare to achieve interoperability of systems through the precise definition of healthcare tasks, the specification of standards-based communication between systems required to support those tasks and the testing of systems to determine that they conform to the specifications. The work is managed by IHE committees and sponsored by various national and international bodies.

In Australia IHE has established a deployment committee, sponsored by leading healthcare IT organisations.

To join IHE Australia an organisation needs to join IHE International, and operate in Australia or South East Asia. Modest membership fees based on organisation size support core IHE activities worldwide and in Australia. IHE membership

There are no local joining fees, just an agreement to comply by IHE's membership rules. The IHE governance and membership process is outlined on the IHE main website

If your company is already a member of IHE you are also a member of IHE Australia

There are two classes of membership - standard and sponsor. The standard membership covers vendors who want to deploy and participate in iHE events. Sponsor membership is for healthcare professional organisations (e.g. medical colleges, associations) who wish to take a leadership role in ensuring that IHE and IT industry vendors meet the needs of their members. Sponsors typically will agree to serve on the IHE Board or IHE working groups, provide support in the form of secretariat, financial assistance, or other services in kind and be committed to actively promoting IHE and IHE profiles.

Please note that joining IHE involves an online application, coupled with a paper form that is printed signed and faxed or emailed. Both processes are needed to complete the membership application. All applications are considered by the IHE international board.

If your organisation applies to join IHE, please also contact IHE in Australia to let us know of your interest.

Further questions or information about joining iHE and IHE deployment in Australia contact: