This page contains information on the current work to harmonise the IHE XDR Profile with the Australian SMD technical specification.
This work is being undertaken by a working group representing NEHTA, Standards Australia, IHE.

Links: background to harmonisation issues and previous work

There are two lists relevant to this work (if you are here you should be a member of these lists to stay abreast)

1. IHE Australia SMD list

2. IHE international google groups on XDR-XDS harmonisation

Update Feb 2011

Email trail between NEHTA, IHE Australia and IHE Infrastructure Technical Committee (IHE ITI)

Input from Karen Witting (IHE ITI TC)

Update Nov 2010

The following paper has been prepared by Andy Berry for discussion locally, and will be the basis of discussion with IHE infrastructure technical committee.

Link to wiki copy of this paper - it is possible to enter comments or material online.